How to Create a Joomla! 2.5 QuickStart Package

achieve. Joomla! QuickStart Tutorial. This tutorial will teach you how to quickly package your Joomla! site in minutes. This tutorial is best for Joomla! template designer or Joomla template developer. Also if you would like to move your site to a different server, this is the best way to do it. Basically this act as a backup of your site. What we need to start:

  1. Latest version of Joomla!.
  2. All files from your own Joomla! site that you wan to package.
  3. mysql database dump of your site.
  4. Compression tool e.g Winrar, winzip, stuffit

Procedure: Step 1 Create an empty folder and name it to whatever you like e.g ‘Joomla quickstart package’. Step 2 Copy all the files from your own Joomla! site that you want to package. You can use a ftp agent to download your package. I would suggest to use filezilla, because there’s over 10,000 files. You will definitely need to know if all the file came through. Step 3 Delete the configuration.php file Step 4 Unzip the Original Joomla! quickstart package where you can obtain here. Step 5 Copy the installation directory from the Joomla! quickstart package that you had just unzip. Step 6 Get the mysql dump of your database and rename the file to ‘sample_data.sql’. If you only want data, you will do a data dump. But if you have extra components, modules, and plugins. You will want to export along with data structure. a) Select your joomla tables b) Click on the Export tabs on the top c) Click on the Custom radio button. Make sure you had “Select All” table, click on the structure and data radio button, and be sure to Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT statement.  d) Find and replace your database prefix to #__. gjdok_ should be your own prefix. Find gjdok_ Replace with #__ Step 7 Open the sql file you had just export. Now do a search for where you look for `gjdok_users` replace the gjdok_ to your own prefix You will now see the following code. Step 8 Open up your own ‘Joomla quickstart package’ and go inside your installation folder installation > sql > mysql > sample_data.sql Replace the sample_data.sql with the one you had just export. Step 9 Compress (zip) the folder ‘Joomla quickstart package’ Compression tool e.g Winrar, winzip, stuffit Now, this is all you need to do, to package a Joomla! 2.5 QuickStart Package. Joomla! 2.5 QuickStart Package Tutorial DONE.


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