The term fashion drawing can be defined as the drawing of clothes on a figure. It seems easy for some people but the truth is there are still some common mistakes done by most beginners. There are three common mistakes done by beginners in drawing clothes on a figure.

The first mistake is drawing without having a goal in sight. People tend to be in a hurry when sketching. In fashion drawing, we need to establish some kind of intention in our mind first. When we have a goal in sight when sketching, we can create clearer and focused fashion sketch. The second mistake is failing to keep the figure on the page. To avoid this mistake, we need to always be sure that we have room on our paper. The heads, arms, and feet of the figure should not be cut out of a drawing. The third mistake is creating a robotic figure.

In fashion drawing, angles are very important. Angles will help us to know how much the model is leaning. What is more, if we create a stiff looking figure, we will not know where the weight is resting and how the extent of the range of motion.


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